Increasingly intimate ties between legal and economic issues have led the Forensic Department to become a tool in assisting and counselling all parties involved in judicial arbitration and mediation processes (judges, arbitrators, mediators, prosecutors, lawyers, companies, etc.).


Our Forensic Department specialises in advisory services offered by independent experts in economic, financial and accounting matters to both the parties concerned and the courts during legal proceedings.


We act as independent experts in civil, criminal, employment and contested administrative proceedings, giving our opinions as evidence either to the parties in the proceedings or as requested by the court.


The economic-financial expert services include:

  • Calculation of damages (such as consequential damages and loss of earnings).
  • Analysis of the economic impact associated with a breach of contract (calculating compensation from clients, etc.)
  • Quantifying claims in situations of economic-financial imbalance in the context of licensing.
  • Issuing reports to fulfil labour regulations requirements, especially in relation to workforce adjustment plans and individual dismissals due to economic, organisational, technical or production reasons.
  • Independent expert reports
  • Valuation of companies, business units or specific assets.


In addition, the Forensic Department offers the following services:


  • Advice on bankruptcy proceedings, as Audiaxis’s partners are also frequently appointed by mercantile courts as bankruptcy receivers in their capacity as economists and account auditors.
  • Earnings, income and inheritance administration.
  • Investigations into potential fraud and, if applicable, gathering of evidence needed to issue a report to be compensated for any losses arising.


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