Audiaxis Mission Statement


Audiaxis is an auditing firm with over 25 years’ experience that has developed in tune with its environment, together with its professionals and clients. We are an approachable firm, knowledgeable about our functions with regard to clients and their stakeholders, be they workers, public bodies, suppliers or customers.


We believe that transparency is the best instrument for improving the economy and audits are a basic instrument in achieving this goal. This is why we try to spread the audit to the whole organisation, regardless of their size or business.


We understand independence as an essential element in our profession and one that improves the quality of our work. Training is another cornerstone for quality in our services.


A cohesive team with shared values who enjoy their work is the best way to provide an audit in tune with clients and their needs, without forgetting our duty to be independent. Thus we have developed a united team whose work in auditing is based on the pillars of quality, independence, transparency and approachability.


Audiaxis DNA


Approachability is possibly our key difference with respect to other companies. We work to create close relationships with our clients, learning about their business and its characteristics. We adapt our audits to their structure and operations, without obstructing their daily work, adding value through our actions.


We conduct our audits in two separate phases: an initial interim phase, whose basic goal is to identify areas of risk, detect significant events during the year and plan the tests to carry out. In this phase we also analyse the company’s administrative circuits and processes.


The next phase is the final one, where we carry out the formal analysis of the company’s yearly accounts. It is important to arrange with the clients the dates when our teams visit their facilities to perform the necessary audit tests, to ensure we avoid interfering with their employees’ daily work.


Maintenance of the work teams and direct contact with managers and partners is essential to maintaining approachability with our clients. Clients can contact us at any time and we accompany the auditing company in this process of transparency and improvement in the quality of their economic and financial information.

Our philosophy

Noelia Acosta

Noelia Acosta

Partner and Member of the 'Comisión de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial del Colegio de Censores Jurados de Cuentas de Cataluña' (CCJCC)