Audiaxis’s links with NPOs


Audiaxis is an auditing firm that has adapted to social reality. We understand audits as an instrument to improve the economy and relations within it.


At Audiaxis you’ll find a group of professionals with strong social values that naturally bring us closer to non-profit organisations and cooperatives. This approach has been consolidated through internal and external training and through our relations with the audited organisations themselves. We now specialise in this sector and provide our services to a wide range of clients, such as foundations, associations, federations and more.


Why do we have a group that specialises in the NPO sector?


Approachability is in our auditing DNA, which is why we have come to be very close to NPOs. By adapting our way of working to all kinds of organisations, regardless of their turnover, business or location, and by understanding auditing as an instrument for improving and increasing transparency in the economy, we have moved closer to non-profit organisations.


In many cases, the first task is not actually an audit, but a review of financial statements within a previously established scope, the aim being to assess the initial state of the accounting systems. In other cases, our relationship begins by checking figures relating to subsidies. In both cases the professional relationship usually leads to voluntary audits of financial statements, thus demonstrating a commitment to economic and financial transparency.


Due to the characteristics of these bodies, specific state and regional legislation and our volume of clients, 15 years ago we set up a team specialising in such organisations, which now not only carries out audits but also provides a wide range of other services.


What projects do we carry out with NPOs?


Central to Audiaxis’s relationship with NPOs is trust and mutual understanding, which are the backbone of the different projects we work on together, such as:


  • Financial audits
  • Reports on budgets and variations
  • Checks on subsidies
  • Corporate social responsibility reports
  • Financial ratio reports
  • Establishing budget controls
  • Sector adaptation of the General Accounting Plan
  • Adaptación sectorial del Plan General de Contabilidad

Our philosophy

Josep Manel Morera

Josep Manel Morera

Partner of the 'Comisión de Entidades no Lucrativas del Colegio de Censores Jurados de Cuentas de Cataluña' (CCJCC)