Audiaxis is a company that specialises in advisory services offered by independent experts in economic, financial and accounting matters to both the parties concerned and the courts during legal proceedings. We act as independent experts in civil, criminal, employment and contested administrative proceedings, giving our opinions as evidence either to the parties in the proceedings or as requested by the court.


The result of our work is the corresponding report or expert opinion, being the technical expression of events or causes, provided by an expert in the matter that answers questions raised by any of the parties in the legal proceedings. Audiaxis’s partners have the qualifications and experience to give evidence as expert witnesses in economic, financial and accounting matters in court and answer all questions put to them by the parties concerned.


Based on our professional experience in this type of project, we have established the following stages in providing our independent expert report service:


Analysis phase


First of all we set up interviews with company managers and their legal advisors in order to obtain precise knowledge of the details of the case. A full understanding of the legal dispute is essential, so we carry out a full and thorough reading of the documents pertaining to the case: lawsuit, statement of defence, counter-claim, statements, etc., together with all the annexes accompanying the documents.


In addition, we carry out a precise analysis of the accounting, financial and management documentation held by the company, together with any other information we can access on the subject of controversy held by the company or from public information sources.


Finally, we identify and study all accounting, financial and auditing regulations that might be relevant to our work.


Opinion drafting phase


In this phase we write the report or expert opinion, which includes detailed information we have used, our investigations and working hypotheses, all of which is used to issue the conclusions reached during our work carried out for our commission.


Thanks to our experience, our expert opinions are always direct, precise, comprehensible, reasoned and forthright. We should not forget that the Civil Procedure Act establishes that experts are under oath or promise to tell the truth and act as objectively as possible.


Ratification phase


In our experience, this phase is where we offer the most value. Helping the company and its legal representatives in preparing hearings and providing an impeccable ratification of our report during them mark the success of the project.


Based on our expert opinion we provide the most significant arguments, as well as possible scenarios the opposing party might formulate in relation to the report. Additionally, we work with our clients to establish strategies for cross-examination, where appropriate. All this is conducted through as many planning and preparation meetings for the hearings as is necessary.


Finally, we provide a fluid, concise, precise and irrefutable ratification of our expert opinion during the hearings.

Our philosophy

Enric Faura

Enric Faura

Partner and Member of the 'Comisión de Actuaciones Periciales del Colegio de Censores Jurados de Cuentas de Cataluña' (CCJCC)