Financial audits

Company financial information requires maximum transparency, so our audit reports provide credibility for users of the information.


Our professionals are highly experienced in auditing and are extremely knowledgeable in numerous sectors and industries, auditing different types of companies ranging from multinationals to family businesses.

The auditing services include:


  • Obligatory or voluntary audits of financial statements.
  • Audits of consolidated accounts.
  • Special reports, such as those for the Spanish Securities and Investments Board, the Bank of Spain and the General Directorate of Insurance.


We also offer our services for reports that legally require the intervention of an accounts auditor recognised by the Institute of Accounting and Account Auditing (ICAC):


  • Justification of subsidies, such as ICASS, SOC, ICAA, ICIC, Media, among others.
  • Increase in capital due to offset of receivables.
  • Increase in capital charged to reserves.
  • Reduction in capital due to loss compensation.
  • Independent expert reports on the value of non-cash contributions.
  • Independent expert reports on conversions from private limited to public limited companies.


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